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Frequently Asked Questions (11)

What is your pricing?

All our pricing is displayed here on our website for your convenience.

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When Do I Schedule My Maternity Session?

Maternity sessions are done at 36 weeks. That way your belly is nice and round but you can still move fairly well!

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Newborn’s Session?

You need to make sure that about 1-2 hours prior to the session you turn the heat up in your house to at least 80 degrees (or higher!). Breast milk has a high fat content in the morning which will help baby sleep deeper so if you can cluster feed or try to push the feeding so it is ending as we arrive for the session. If your baby is formula fed, again try to finish the feeding as we arrive and maybe see if baby will take a little extra. Lastly, about an hour before we arrive be sure to take all of baby’s clothes off and just keep a cloth diaper/burp cloth wrapped around baby’s bottom to catch any tinkle or potty. This way baby’s skin will be nice and smooth for pictures! A warm, fed, dry baby makes a nice relaxed sleepy baby; perfect for pictures!

Can I see an entire wedding?

Just about yes! We have two featured weddings on our website. They cover from beginning to end and have a sample from each part of the day. Each one is just a sample, an entire wedding has an average of 1,300 photos. You can view the samples here and here.

Can I see an entire Birth Documentary?

We do have a featured birth documentary on the site. It is not the entire birth documentary for privacy, however it is a great overview of what a birth documentary consists of. You can see it here.

What should my child wear for their session?

If it’s a newborn as little clothing as possible, for older kids bright colors and mix and match colors and patterns that you might not expect. This is the only age they can get away with it!

How do I reserve a date for my wedding or session?

If you are booking a smaller session payment is due in full to reserve. If you are booking a wedding payments are in done in thirds. The first third would be due with your contract to reserve your date.

How long will it take to receive my album?

Album design takes about two weeks after the editing is completed and then must be approved by the client prior to ordering. After ordering it takes a couple of weeks for the lab to print, assemble, and ship.

How will I see my pictures?

We do everything online! All our proofing is done online as well as ordering. That way you can look at them and order at your convenience and don’t have to meet with us to order. We are always happy to help you through the process as well!

Do you have a studio or are you on location?

As of now we are solely on location however we are working on building a studio.

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