About Bethany

I’m Bethany! I’ve been described as energetic (I don’t think Tabitha would deny that one). I am passionate about my job. I love interacting with people and capturing those precious moments that get lost with time. I always think there is something special, in particular, looking at old photographs. The nostalgia, sweet memories, and laughter. One of my favorite hobbies is to look through old photographs. I love the idea that one day a grandchild will be looking at photos of her grandmother in her wedding gown, seeing all her nerves waiting for the ceremony. I love thinking about a little boy who might see photos of himself being born, seeing the love on both his parents faces. Life is a journey, and part of my journey is to capture others journeys and save them forever. Our goal is classic, simple, elegant photos. We want your photos to be timeless and never outdated.

I truly believe I’ve been saved by Jesus, and that He gave me this passion and talent so that I can give these moments to others. I’ve been truly blessed by an incredible husband who I get to call my best friend. We also have an amazing kiddo, Bean. If you stick around you’ll see many updates on him. I am 100% a dog person. We have a round, chubby pug named Rufus. Don’t let the name fool you, she is a girl! My favorite movie right now is The Muppets. Can’t beat Kermit singing Rainbow Connection. Although, my favorite romantic movie is Pride and Prejudice. That is real love…truly getting to know one another and loving each other, faults and all. Most of my past brides know that I haven’t met a piece of cake that I don’t love.

You can really get to know me by checking out my blog. It’s where I post my most recent work and share what is going on in my own corner of the world. I really love getting to know clients and readers so feel free to stop by and give a shout out!